Lapeer County Medical Care Facility

Location: Lapeer, MI

Project Area: 107,018 SF

Year Completed: 2010


The Lapeer County Medical Care Facility addition and renovation project’s goal was to provide a more “home-like” setting for the residents by maximizing private resident rooms and creating “neighborhoods” that would allow the residents to live in a connected, community (smaller group) rather than the old institutional model of nursing care. All nursing services are confined to the neighborhood, thus providing a more nurturing environment. Additionally, each neighborhood contains its own living room and small dining rooms served by satellite kitchens. 


The project was completed in phases to avoid disrupting care minimize disruptions. Phase One of the project included providing 6 neighborhood centers which allowed for 30 private resident rooms. Phase Two included expanding the existing facilities with the addition of 2 neighborhoods consisting of a dining area with an adjacent kitchen, food preparation and storage areas, a living room, and a combination nurses’ station/charting area/medication room, to create a more home-like neighborhood. This phase of the project also included providing the facility with additional employee lockers, a new covered drop-off, and two meeting/training rooms.