Gull Lake Ministries Fellowship Center

Location: Gull Lake, MI

Project Area: 9,800 SF

Year Completed: 2015

Gull Lake Ministries desired to transform their former dining hall and hotel facility into a contemporary fellowship center which provides the highest standard of hospitality to individuals, families, and organizations. The former facility was too small to accommodate the dining, banquet, retreat, and family camp programming. In addition to having inadequate space, the kitchen did not function well, the finishes were outdated, and while the former facility was on the waterfront, it did not take full advantage of the lake vistas.

To address the lack of fellowship space the existing center portion of the building was completely removed to incorporate a new 9,800 SF dining and conference space with capacity for 500 seats. The lobby entry area, upper level guest rooms, and meeting spaces were also renovated and enhanced to provide a wide range of programming and amenities.