MyMichigan Health Park Gladwin

Location: Gladwin, MI

Project Area: 17,096 SF

Year Completed: 2018

MyMichigan Health desired a prototype medical office building with consistent branding that could be readily duplicated, incorporated innovative technology features, provided patients with a welcoming healing environment, and allows the health system to effectively utilize a continuum of care model.

To achieve a welcoming and comfortable healing environment, biophilic design strategies were used including incorporating natural stone, wood tones, a nature inspired color palette, and large windows throughout the common areas which allow for abundant natural light and visual connection to the beauty of the surrounding area.

The traditional patient waiting area was re-imagined and designed to resemble a modern family room by incorporating home-like amenities and family-oriented seating arrangements. To connect the clinic visually with its greater community and the beauty of its natural environment, a large-scale flooring pattern was designed as an abstract interpretation of the river running through the city center and the flooring materials were selected for their ease to maintain, comfort for staff, and acoustical control.

The design utilizes an “on-stage, off-stage” healthcare delivery approach where patient and provider areas are kept separate until merging in the exam room thus providing the facility with enhanced patient privacy. Additionally, travel distances were minimized by grouping staff pods behind the exam rooms to improve workflow and limiting patient pathways. The exam rooms were designed to improve access to primary and specialty providers, urgent care, diagnostic testing, telemedicine, and minor procedures in support of their continuum of care model.