Capital Health Orthopedic Surgery Centre

This new construction project arose in response to the evolving Canadian healthcare system, as well as Capital Health’s need to enhance and supplement their existing facilities. This surgery center offers an innovative delivery of elective procedures, which is new to the Canadian health system.

Due to site restrictions and programmatic necessity, functions are separated and stacked by floor. Surgery and patient recovery spaces occupy the central floors, while mechanical functions dominate the fifth level. High-traffic areas and administrative functions are kept on the ground level to avoid interference with surgery and recovery.

Exterior massing and detailing reflect the layered functions and echo the details of surrounding buildings, while an elevated glassed-in pedestrian walkway provides a physical connection to the adjacent Royal Alexandra Hospital. A central terra cotta core provides visual unity and organizes the vertical circulation. A glassed garden atrium extending up the building provides further visual unity and establishes a common design element, while providing building-wide views of the garden and allowing deep penetration of natural light.

Sustainability and the creation of a healing environment influenced the design throughout. Passive solar, common-sense shielding from harsher climatic elements, natural materials, warm color palettes, locally extracted materials, and regular views to the exterior created an atmosphere that is calming, functional, and contextually appropriate for patients and staff alike.