Senior Living Design Trends

Defining today’s optimum environment for today’s seniors while exploring the future

Our Senior Living Team—David Jarl, Curt Penny, Jennifer Wyatt, Gabrielle Murawski, and Donna Van Natter—recently embarked on the task of designing the senior living facility of the future. We started the process by developing an “ideal resident room for today’s seniors.” We determined that it was important to incorporate many key features that the next generation will demand and continue the move toward a more social model. Our ideal room embraces the home-like atmosphere while ensuring the space is accessible, equipped with technology, and provides room for personal items. As you can see from the images below, we envision the ideal space to

  • have warm and modern interior finishes with color contrast where appropriate to assist with the visual changes most seniors face;
  • include abundant natural light and motion activated guidance lighting;
  • connect to the outdoors by providing a larger expanse of exterior windows and a private exterior outdoor covered balcony or patio; 
  • include enhanced accessibility features like transition-less flooring, curb-less showers, elevated appliances and pull-out cabinets; and
  • incorporate various forms of technology within the room including voice activated technology (from climate and lighting control to interaction with TVs and other entertainment options), wireless Wi-Fi, resident locator devices, and keyless entry systems.

Since we believe a home is where the heart is, the heart of our project was providing residents with a home that is spacious, warm, and inviting while also providing safety, accessibility, and care. Our plans are to use this “ideal resident room for today’s seniors” as a base model for designing a future facility. The improved design will incorporate many new ideas from research and continuing education that our team engages in. Be sure to spend a few minutes with our Senior Living team at events around the state in 2019, or schedule a time to meet with us, to see how the future facility is evolving!