How Critical is Culture?

Bottom line: A positive culture is crucial to the well-being of your company.

Corporate culture is a perplexing concept in that it is very important and can have a direct result on your success, yet, is hard to explain. Each of these descriptors captures a part of the whole idea of “What is culture?”:

  • A company’s identity or values
  • Its personality
  • The atmosphere in the workplace
  • Your corporate philosophy and principles

To put it most simply, “What is it like to work at your company?”

Whether you put direct effort into defining and developing your culture or you leave it alone to be what it will be, culture has the potential to make or break your company. A strong positive culture will attract talent to your organization and will make your best people want to stay. Bad culture, on the other hand—well, you can imagine the consequences, or maybe you have experienced them. One of many ways to promote the culture you want to develop is to carefully consider your office environment, as described in the previous articles. The right environment can not only enhance an already great culture but can also move your team toward the culture you want, if you’re not there, yet.

Our deliberate investment, over the last several years, in shaping and developing our own unique culture has tangibly paid off. We have a clearer vision of who we are, where we’re heading, and how we plan to get there together. We’re becoming a more close-knit team. And (not surprising), we’re happier and more productive. There is nothing like looking forward to going to work each day to join forces with people you enjoy being around. Commitment to cultivating a great culture: In our experience, highly recommended!