A high-energy, modern dining experience offering libations and Italian cuisine, Zazios is located on the ground floor of a new multi-use structure. The structure is designed to showcase the Zazios restaurant as the catalyst of the project redevelopment area. Design and construction adhere to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, issued and monitored by the U.S. Green Building Council, with a goal of attaining LEED Silver status.

Situated on a high-traffic corner in the Detroit metro area, the design of the restaurant reflects the activity of the neighborhood and the energy of objects in motion. Curvilinear forms throughout the space draw the eye and establish pathways that guide patrons through the variety of dining experiences offered by Zazios. These experiences include an exposed area that provides views from the bar and waiting areas into the activity of the kitchen. The bar seating and dining areas offer views onto the activity of Woodward Avenue, as well as the interesting atmosphere throughout the restaurant. The highly coveted “Chef’s Table” seating area offers another style of dining, as patrons watch course after course of their dinner prepared before their eyes, as they interact with the chef and participate in the sharing of knowledge about cuisine.

Each area is delineated from the remainder of the restaurant with a unique floor and ceiling feature that establishes the space. The interplay of colored lighting, transparency, and textural finishes involve restaurant patrons in their surroundings, while the energy from the traffic of pedestrians and vehicles is put on display through the large expanses of windows and careful table placement. The energetic atmosphere of the site and design are accentuated with bright, dynamic colors, fixtures, and finishes that firmly establish Zazios’ identity as a fun, lively, modern Italian dining experience.