Three Rivers Health

This major addition and renovation project grew from the client’s desire for drastic change, not only in terms of the physical structure of their health care facility, but also in the philosophy and quality of care offered at Three Rivers Health.

This shift in identity is immediately noticeable in the metal, gabled roofline with a stone and glass facade for the expansive new entrance and reception lobby. The lodgelike look of the entry and interior belies the traditional hospital atmosphere but ties in strongly with the client’s goal of aligning their facility more closely with the Planetree model of healthcare. This modern but holistic approach places the focus on the patient rather than the healthcare provider. Instead of simply addressing individual symptoms, Planetree emphasizes treatment of the whole person — body, mind, and soul. Architecture and interior design play a major role in the process as the built environment contributes greatly to the patient’s overall comfort and well-being.

The interior encompasses the creation of a central reception lobby and registration area, the expansion of dining and conference facilities, gift shop and snack bar renovations, and new ambulance canopy. Interior features and details continue the shift away from the clinical and impersonal environment traditionally associated with hospitals. Steel gabled trusses support a vast wooden ceiling. Natural light warms interior finishes of stone and wood, with a central fireplace and water feature rounding out the natural elements. The homelike atmosphere is furthered with the inclusion of a piano, comfortable traditional furniture, and family kitchens. By establishing an inviting, calm, and natural environment, patients and their loved ones are given a stronger sense of comfort, control, and involvement that encourages, rather than impedes, the healing process.