Stryker Medical

This project sprang from a need to expand operations and improve the efficiency and productivity of a company devoted to state-of-the-art medical equipment. The project consolidates the operations of two outdated existing plants in a new 435,000-square-foot facility, which improves the flow and efficiency of production, provides better amenities for employees, and accommodates immediate expansion.

While the majority of the floor space is dedicated to manufacturing and assembly areas, the project also encompasses offices, research and development spaces, and a product showroom. The open office spaces feature exposed structural elements, while windows at each structural column bring natural light to the interior. Special care was taken with the cafeteria design to create a relaxed and attractive atmosphere. An exposed bow-string truss gives an open, airy feeling to the two-story space, while a floor-to-ceiling curtain wall provides an expansive view and fills the cafeteria with natural light.

The building is situated on a fifty-acre corner lot bounded by other light-industrial businesses. Bowed truss canopies at each facility entrance combined with anodized aluminum siding and standing seam roofing accents provide an attractive exterior. These exterior details, as well as the building’s buffered positioning on the lot, were specifically chosen in the spirit of good corporate citizenship to minimize the large facility’s visual and psychological impact on the neighboring residents, businesses, and landscape. Designed with simple geometry and cost-effective, precast concrete detailing, the project provides the client with a durable facility that accommodates both current and future business needs.