Stryker Instruments

Designed to promote optimum efficiency and provide a comfortable work atmosphere, this new surgical instrument assembly plant is located directly south of an existing Stryker Instruments facility. Built to meet both current and future expansion needs, the exterior finishes of the new structure establish visual continuity by mimicking the brick base and metal panel siding of the existing building. A 400-foot-long, open-air covered walkway forms a physical connection between the two buildings and creates a unified, campus-like feel.

The majority of the interior is devoted to assembly operations, with support staff offices, lobby, fitness center, and cafeteria spaces flanking the factory floor. The office area for support staff and executives is a large open space, with “capped” private offices grouped together between open offices equipped with modular furniture. The assembly floor aisles continue into the office area, allowing the support staff easy and direct access to the factory floor.

While interior finishes and materials were kept simple and durable for functionality, skylights and curtain wall glazing throughout the building provide natural light and a pleasant work environment. The cafeteria is a feature area, designed to provide workers with a distinctive and refreshing change of pace. Hanging ceiling “clouds” and a circular food servery create a fresh, contemporary look. Large expanses of curtain wall glazing flood the interior space with natural light, while a courtyard accessible from the seating area provides a direct connection with the outdoors. By focusing on the quality of the work environment as well as the effectiveness of the physical layout, the Stryker Instruments project promotes optimal efficiency and productivity on all levels of the business.