Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services

The Kalamazoo Community Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services facility is part of the new Bronson Healthy Living Campus where their guiding principles address issues of nutrition, mental and physical health, sustainability, and social concerns.

The 17,000 SF building is sited to address the rotated street grid in this area near downtown Kalamazoo. The site was raised above the flood plain by rerouting and improving the nearby creek edge. Permeable asphalt paving over a stone bed was utilized to provide parking while accommodating storm water retention. A deep foundation system with concrete pilings was incorporated to allow for construction on unstable soils.

Programs at this facility include psychiatric and medical services, emergency and correction services, youth and family services, and a pharmacy. Clients enter at each end of a sloped-roofed lobby and are then directed to one of the four glass fronted reception rooms. The clinical areas have interview, exam, and consultation rooms with associated support spaces. The staff zone is secluded from public access and includes offices, conference space, a lounge, receiving, and other supplementary spaces.

The exterior colors and materials are similar to other facilities on the campus and the nearby Bronson Hospital which provides a cohesive identity. The building is clad with two types of brick, foam insulated metal panels, insulated glazing in aluminum frames, a standing seam metal roof and a light colored low slope roof membrane. Aluminum sun shades are provided at the tinted window fenestrations. The overhanging bent roof form continues up and over the lower roof to integrate a screen wall for the roof-top mechanical units.

The interior features textured metallic accent walls that fold into suspended ceiling clouds with integrated lighting announcing entries and defining reception spaces. Porcelain, vinyl, and carpet flooring changes reinforce client wayfinding while the woodland wall graphics and wood trim establish a warm and soothing environment. Natural light is filtered through the spaces by incorporating full height windows at the ends of circulation paths while consultation rooms are fronted with translucent glass. Material selections were based on sustainability and durability while providing a friendly and welcoming environment.