Heritage Community of Kalamazoo

Heritage Community of Kalamazoo (HCK) has a rich history of providing a continuum of care to seniors within the community in a dignified and compassionate way. We proposed an interior master plan to reflect these values and the communities that the residents have long been a part of.

We created the concept of a Neighborhood Theme which we felt strongly represented the residents, staff, and the history of HCK. Within Kalamazoo, there are a multitude of neighborhoods that are unique and carry special meaning to the residents and staff. We believed that these attributes could be studied and applied to the buildings on the HCK campus. As an example, the Downtown Central Business area offers traits such as brick buildings mixed with contemporary elements like metal and glass. The beauty and architectural detail of the churches mixed with the well appointed green spaces like Bronson Park and Arcadia Creek offered a wealth of interior design ideas. Using warm brick and green tones, accent moldings and the influence of water, a rich color palette was developed to represent this neighborhood. As we looked at other neighborhoods such as Milwood, Oakland/Winchell, Stuart, and Vine, each offered its own set of attributes that could be developed into a color palette and then applied to an area or building within HCK.

We used this interiors master palette to define individual projects, like the Director’s Hall and Wyndham Beauty Shop. It also assisted in evaluating furniture and signage throughout the buildings on campus.