Graystone Eye

This project was brought about by Graystone Ophthalmology’s desire to relocate from a dated and inefficient existing building and start over with a facility that is personalized to match the image of the practice.

The new clinic accommodates eight practitioners representing multiple sub-specialties, including oculoplastics and refractive suites, along with corporate offices and a prominent optical department and display area. The facility is designed with an ambulatory surgery center with two operating rooms on the lower level.

The project is part of a new development of medical offices. It is located on a beautiful wooded site in the foothills of the Appalachians, a topography that allows access on both the main and lower levels. The design is a trapezoidal form organized around a smooth, polished concrete planar feature wall. The feature wall traverses the length of the building core and juts out from each end of the structure so that it can be seen and touched both within and without the building. The wall reflects the grey stone of the surrounding mountains and establishes a harmonic link between the indoor and outdoor environments. The planar feature wall also defines the main hallway within the structure and functions as an organizing and way-finding feature in the layout of the practice.

The exterior of the building features a monochromatic color pallet enlivened by a variety of textures, including glass and two types of concrete masonry units (CMU). The interior is appointed with a traditional palette of burgundy and dark wood tones, contemporized through the use of metal and glass accents. Glass walls in public spaces give ample views of the breathtaking surroundings, and a landscaped patio area provides outdoor seating for staff breaks and waiting patients. With this sleek, inviting, efficient new facility, Graystone Eye has a home that reflects the talent, skill, and technological savvy for which the practice is known.