The Foundry | 600 E. Michigan

The Foundry is located in Kalamazoo’s River’s Edge neighborhood at 600 E. Michigan Avenue. With its proximity to downtown and location on a major thoroughfare, the redevelopment of the site expands the edge of downtown Kalamazoo.

The floor plan is intended to encourage tenant interaction. The main north-south hallway zig-zags beneath the line of the original crane beams bisecting the building from front to back. The recessed seating zones are further highlighted by reclaimed wood walls, floating ceilings and carpeted areas.

The original 1907 brick foundry building is now connected to a covered terrace by an east-west hallway and wedge shape that define a common multipurpose conference suite, kitchen, and locker room amenities. In the center of the building, beneath a huge girder truss, is a plaza meeting space and coffee bar with access to all suites.

In keeping with the spirit of industrial materials, the polished concrete floors complement and celebrate the raw honesty of the existing exposed structural ladder columns. The virtue of steel is celebrated throughout the building; the west side lower roof beams and columns are uncovered and help to define the terrace and garden edge.

The existing 24’ high trusses allowed for translucent panel clerestories along both the east and west sides and by reducing the heights of the demising walls light is able to penetrate to the building core. Solatube daylighting devices throughout also assist in harnessing natural light and reduce the amount of lighting required during working hours.

To help control unwanted sound transference, due to the use of exposed steel, high ceilings, and shared spaces, a pink noise system was employed throughout the building. Additional sound control was achieved through the use of acoustic boards in strategic interior spaces and the entire ceiling was coated in an acoustical and thermal finish.