Borgess Health and Fitness

The Borgess Health and Fitness Center is a hospital-affiliated health club and physical therapy center. When the decision was made to expand the existing facility, the West Michigan Spine Institute suite was developed as an integral part of the addition. The new suite augments the physical therapy capabilities of Borgess Health and Fitness and provides a dedicated area within the facility of orthopedic patients and physicians.

The resulting addition is marked with a separate entry, located by a new parking lot that provides patients with easy access to the suite. A primary corridor running along the exterior wall of the building allows natural light to enter the hallway that opens onto the Spine Center’s reception area, connecting the suite with the existing facility. Prominent signage at the reception area announces the entry into the suite, which contains ten exam rooms, ten physical therapy rooms, a physical therapy gym, a swimming pool, locker rooms, and office spaces for staff. The pool area features large tile, windows, and a high ceiling, while the interior and exterior materials in the remainder of the suite were chosen to match the existing health center.

The West Michigan Spine Institute provides a clinical space for doctors and therapists to assess the needs of their patients to determine whether they need physical therapy or surgery. With physical therapy offered onsite and surgical facilities located nearby on the same primary road, the West Michigan Spine Institute is a model of convenience and service for orthopedic patients.