Borgess Gardens

This replacement 121 bed skilled care nursing home will eventually consist of five buildings.  Initially, the project includes the construction of an 81 bed facility of approximately 52,000 square feet and two 10 bed cottages, each approximately 7,300 square feet.  Eventually, two additional 10 bed cottages will complete the new campus.

The 81 bed facility is designed to create four connected neighborhoods, each organized around an enclosed exterior courtyard and unique garden.  Each neighborhood of approximately 20 residents has living spaces and a warming kitchen that is capable of serving meals in an intimate and pleasant environment.  A large percentage of the resident rooms are private which is intended to increase resident and family satisfaction while increasing flexibility for staff in caring for and placement of residents.

The adjacent ten bed cottages are designed to be stand alone and self sufficient.  Staff members will be crossed trained and residents encouraged to participate in daily activities including meal selection and preparation.  Each cottage again is organized around a unique garden.

The exterior of the buildings have a residential appearance.  Each has a unique character while maintaining a consistency to convey the concept of an inter-connected campus. The residential character is created with the use of familiar architectural elements including hip and gable end roofs, stained siding and clad wood windows.

The garden theme is also incorporated into the interior of the facilities.  The selection of interior finishes and furnishings vary by neighborhood and reinforce the character of the garden associated with each unique garden.