Today’s Medical Office Building

Today’s medical office faces numerous challenges from attracting patients and staff to decreased reimbursements. It is vitally important that healthcare facilities are able to utilize LEAN business operations—key to producing adequate revenue—while also providing patients and caregivers with the amenities they desire in a warm and welcoming healing environment.

Through intensive master planning sessions with MidMichigan Medical Center—Gladwin  we designed a modern and comforting medical office building using biophilic (an innate desire humans have for connecting to nature and recent studies that link this connection to improved healing and wellness) design principles. The new clinic also allows for multi-specialty collaboration (utilizing their continuum of care model) and an enhanced, efficient staff workflow with on- and off-staging areas. The new facility in Gladwin also provided the health system with an innovative approach to medical office space by preparing for future changes and services through forecasting those needs and designing a building to accommodate those changes and additions. Additionally, the innovative design and planning process has provided MidMichigan with an easily replicated and branded model they can use in each of the communities they serve.

The Gladwin medical office building opened in August and is providing primary and urgent care services to its community in its modern, highly efficient, collaborative, and beautiful patient-centered facility. Its sister facility, located in Bay City, opened at the end of September. The two clinics advance the brand of their medical office spaces and will stand as bastions of health and care in their communities.

For more information about the impact nature has on wellness and today’s work environment, we recommend reading The Healthy Office Revolution by Elizabeth Nelson. We had the opportunity to work on a presentation with Elizabeth last fall and learned a great deal about how her research can impact healing environments in addition to the office setting.