New @ EW!

We are preparing to launch our new quarterly eNewsletter and have scheduled the first issue to be sent out in mid-September. Each quarter we will focus our content around trends or issues that impact our specialty arenas (healthcare, ophthalmology, senior living, etc.), our culture from social events to community initiatives, our staff, and project highlights.

The format will allow us to share more about us, our expertise, and our work with all of our clients, friends, and family. It is our hope and intention to provide our readers with inside access and insights to things our teams have been designing, building, researching, and thinking. We chose a quarterly schedule to ensure that our newsletter doesn’t overwhelm your inbox.

We are looking forward to evaluating how our readers are engaging with our content as we go along. Thus, we will welcome any feedback and will seek to continually improve with each issue.

We will be sending out the first issue next month. If you would prefer to not receive the newsletter, we understand and have provided an unsubscribe link below. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to hearing from us and know someone else that may enjoy the content please feel free to forward this to your friends so they can subscribe to our newsletter through the link below.