Founded in 1984, by Jeff Eckert and Rick Wordell, we are located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and provide a full and integrated range of facility programming, planning, and design services, including architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering, interior design, master planning, compliance, and consulting services. We were founded on the philosophies of responsible design and exemplary customer service, which are achieved through our:

  • Commitment—Each member of our team understands that every project we undertake is a reflection of our client’s unique vision and is committed to helping our clients meet their goals and objectives. We understand the importance and value of teamwork and
    connecting various departments to enhance an organization’s culture and productivity.
  • Collaboration—We know that a successful design revolves around the development of a close working relationship with our clients which is why we assign a team to work closely with our client(s) throughout the project. Additionally, we approach projects in a transparent and collaborative manner and encourage interaction from all members of the team, including our clients and their stakeholders, to ensure we fully understand their needs before we begin to design a solution.
  • Care—We believe that every project is unique and should be treated as such in order to capture the essence of our client’s brand, culture, and needs. We, therefore, respond to the priorities of our clients to design buildings that meet their short- and long-term goals and